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Powerful Form Automation and Work Flow Tool

Many organisations deal with manual activities. They enter data making use of Excel, send seperate e-mails manually, create documents manually and type data from the one to the other system.

With Easydus Form Automation Tool you can automate your own manual process without specific IT knowledge. Use just one integrated Form Automation Tool to configure your workflow making use of webforms, automatically sending e-mails, automatic creation of any documents and a dashboard to manage your activities. Easydus can be used for any application, organization, situation and type of process.

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What makes Easydus Form Automation Tool Unique?


Automate all your processes

With Easydus you save time and costs by automating manual and error-prone processes and replacing the use of Excel lists, separate e-mails, paper or PDF form flows. Easydus can be used in any organization, situation, (sub) process and application.


Use less different ICT Tools

Instead of using many separate systems (for example pdf or paper forms, e-mail, documents, databases, invoicing, Excel), you just use one integrated system. Compare Easydus with other Form Automation tools and conclude yourself that Easydus has the most comprehensible list of features.


Configure yourself

With Easydus you can configure your own specific, complex non-standard requirements that do not fit in standardised ICT tools. You can make adjustments yourself without relevant IT knowledge and without being dependent on your ICT supplier.

Build your own Workflow with the following features:



Create each type of data field like signatures, e-mail and dates field. You can use multi Webforms to create subforms which you can use in your own work flow. Each webform can be created in your own preferred look and feel and styling and can be integrated on your website.


Personalised E-mails

Set up your own e-mail templates and create personalised e-mails. Possibbility to send automatic e-mails after registrations. In the e-mail you can include automatic created documents like invoices, quotations or any other free format personalised document. You can also include links to any (prefilled) webform.


Automatic document creation

Create any type of personalised document like invoices, contracts, quotations, certificates etc. Possibility to create and send the document automatically. All documents can be found back in the related registration item.


Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to build your own flow. You can send e-mails automatically with a certain tasks based on conditions. Or you can send any type of document based on certain conditions.


Dashboard and overviews

To manage your work you can create your own dashboard and overviews. For example create overviews of the number of applications, the number of open tasks, the number of closed tasks, the number of inpaid invoices. Based on the these overviews you can execute follow up tasks, for example sending reminder e-mails to unfinalised tasks or unpaid invoices.


Web Portal

You can include a Web Portal to your own website and connect it your Easydus back-end process. In this webportal you can give access to your clients, employees or any other stakeholder. In this web portal you can create your tailor made menu where documents, applications for services, invoices or any type of information is available


Invoicing & Payments

Include online payment possibility where your clients or any other person can pay for a service or product. Payment with creditcard, paypal and many more payment providers. Create automatically any type of invoice with discounts or different kind of VAT.


Time Based Actions

Activate actions on certain times or moments. Send automatically e-mails at certain moments. Examples of applications are marketing automation, reminder e-mails for unpaid invoices or unfinalised tasks.

The following clients use Easydus Form Automation:

Ministerie Rijkswaterstaat De Nederlandsche Bank Friesland Campina Sola CNV Connectief Coca Cola Van Lanschot Kempen VNO NCW

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